Bricks Just
Got Smarter

Transform your smartwatch into a tool for counting bricks as they're laid


Key Stats,
At Your Finger Tips

Powerful and easy-to-use data live on your wrist

Key Stats,
At Your Finger Tips

Powerful and easy-to-use data live on your wrist

Track your laying sessions

Laymaster uses your smartwatch to track output, displaying key metrics like bricks laid per hour & per day in real-time.

Easily sync with your phone

Pause, restart or end sessions

Detailed session overview

Lay with confidence

With LayMaster you’ll know exactly what you’re laying and how long it takes to lay it

Build Your Reputation
With Every Brick Laid

Get Clear on Where You're Winning

Count Insights

Measure everything from total bricks laid to lay speed and more using your wearable device.

View Leaderboards

See how you compare among Australia’s best bricklayers

Prove Your Worth

Showcase your bricklaying stats to employers and mates with pride.


Home to the world’s best brickies, Laymaster was made to help us prove it.

Stand Out From The Crowd With Stats That Back It Up

Track your metrics in real time and climb the bricklaying leaderboards.


Accomplish more with LayMaster Business BETA

Running a Bricklaying Crew? Sign up to see how Laymaster can help you build a quality team of brickies with real live data for teams.

Live Brick Count
Lay goals
Manage team
Crew insights
See who’s laying
Team dashboard

Frequently asked questions

What is LayMaster?


LayMaster is a mobile & smartwatch app for brickies, streamlining how you gauge your work's worth. By counting bricks and offering key insights, it aids in making smart decisions, boosting efficiency, and propelling your career

How does LayMaster work?


LayMaster harnesses smart phone and watch Technology, utilising the smartwatch's multiple sensor data and processing it through an advanced algorithm in the mobile app to identify and count each brick laid in real time. 

Is LayMaster easy to use?


Absolutely! While LayMaster does use cutting-edge tech, it's all about simplicity for brickies. Just pair your smartwatch with the app, wear it during work, and you're good to go. It's that easy.

What sets LayMaster apart?


What truly sets LayMaster apart is our deep roots in the bricklaying industry. We understand the grind and demands of bricklaying all too well. This in-depth understanding was the foundation for our one-of-a-kind, patented technology, offering brickies a truly unique solution.

Is LayMaster suitable for me?


Absolutely! LayMaster is designed for driven bricklayers, whether you're part of a team, self-employed, or running your own crew. It aids in clearly understanding your efficiency and value, helping you maximise your career potential in bricklaying. LayMaster is your partner in ensuring you get the most out of your hard work and skill.

How can LayMaster help me save time and money?


With LayMaster, say goodbye to manual brick counting and tedious spreadsheets. We deliver insights that enhance efficiency, accountability, and streamline your bricklaying process for better outcomes

When and where is LayMaster available?


LayMaster will initially roll out in Australia in early 2024, with a phased release. We're planning to expand to Europe and the USA, though specific dates are yet to be confirmed. Regardless of your location, you can register for early access to stay updated with LayMaster's availability.

What type of smartwatch do I need to use LayMaster?


LayMaster currently supports smartwatches with the Wear OS operating system. We're also actively working on expanding compatibility to include other popular smartwatch brands in the near future.

How much does LayMaster cost?


We're currently fine-tuning LayMaster's pricing to offer great value in the bricklaying industry. We are exploring a free version for individual bricklayers and an affordable business model for teams, focusing on data tracking and insights.

What brick and block types does LayMaster count?


LayMaster currently counts most brick types, and we're actively working on expanding its capabilities to include various block types in the near future.